About Me

Hello. Welcome to my personal blog.

My name is Maadhin. I like numbers 🙂

After a decade of working in Telecom Industry as an Accountant, I recently made an exciting career switch to Insurance sector to test the ‘waters’ of a new challenge.

Through this blog, I hope to share my thoughts on themes that inspire and excite me. The structure has been meticulously developed with inclusion in mind. Incorporating digital accessibility elements to assist all types of readers is a significant advancement. Notably; text size modification, color filtering, larger cursors, reading lines are some, and more developments are underway.

I began penning the blog posts in English, but after receiving requests to publish feature writings in Dhivehi, I’ve started to write in Dhivehi as well. In an effort to accommodate readers who would rather listen than read, I also intend to produce podcasts in both languages to go along with the written content.

I hope that you will find the blog useful. Cheers.

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